Traffic Safety

Steering wheel

Around any elementary school, there are a few challenges present.  Of greatest concern is the automobile traffic around the school and the danger that presents to our students. Our concern is elevated and the danger increases when the weather is rainy. Visibility is reduced, students are rushing to get out of the rain, and the roads are slick. Unfortunately when it rains, there is also an increase in the amount of people ignoring our safety guidelines and traffic procedures. With this in mind and the predictions of a wet winter, I wanted to remind everyone to keep our students safe by following our arrival and dismissal traffic procedures and obey all traffic laws all the time, even when it is raining.

Please read carefully the information below. Your cooperation is requested with these established guidelines.

  • Use caution when driving around our school. Students are not allowed to cross the parking lot, even with a parent, at any time without using one of the crosswalks.
  • Drop off and pick up students in the designated areas only.
  • When dropping off your children, please pull as far ahead as possible next to the curb in the loading zone before letting your child out of your car.
  • Pull next to the curb to unload or pick up your child. Do not unload or pick up children in the street away from the curb. Not only is it illegal, but incredibly dangerous.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians must use crosswalks and utilize the assistance of a crossing guard or staff member when provided.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the loading and unloading zones.
  • When parking in the neighborhood, please obey all traffic laws and be considerate to our neighbors. Please do not block driveways, leave trash in the area, allow your children to play on someone’s yard, or make excessive noise.