Student Shadowing Project

Irvine Unified and Woodbury remain committed to understanding the evolving needs of our students and to ensuring that each child has the highest educational experience we can envision.  To that end,  our school will launch a student shadowing project in the next few weeks that involves a teacher spending the day at school with a student to see the school experience through that student’s eyes. In doing so, it is our hope that  that we will better understand our students’ needs, empathize with challenges they face, and record observations and insights so that we can personalize and improve their learning experiences.

Every school in IUSD is participating in the student shadowing project this year.  If your child is selected, you will be notified for approval, there will be a pre-conference with your child to ensure his or her comfort level, and a post conference will be held to capture additional insights about the experience.  A student and their parents can always choose not to participate in the shadowing project; however, we are hopeful that the students selected will participate fully and parents will approve so that we have the opportunity to understand their unique perspectives.    

Should you have additional questions about the student shadowing project, please feel free to review the information on our district website at or contact your child's teacher.