Safe Walking Routes


We love that so many Woodbury families walk or ride bikes to and from school each day and we work with the city of Irvine each year to provide you with suggested routes to help ensure the safety of our families.  If your child will be walking, riding a bicycle, skateboard or a scooter to school, please discuss the safest route with your child. Bicyclists and pedestrians must use crosswalks and utilize the assistance of a crossing guard or staff member when provided. Students are not allowed to cross the parking lot at any time without using a parking lot crosswalk. 

Don't forget that California law requires that all school age bike riders wear safety helmets. Children and adults are expected to follow all traffic safety laws when going to and from school. In the interest of safety and taking into consideration the number of people around the school at arrival and dismissal times, students must walk their bicycle and carry their skateboards or scooter when they are on school grounds.

Please click here to see the map and plan your route to school.