Supporting Your Child(ren)

As much as we would like parenting to be the most easy, natural and positive experience. Many parents often feel lost through the process. Every child is born with their own unique personality, learning style and temperament. Therefore, it is important for every child be fostered in a unique way that meets his/her needs. If you are a parent that often feels challenged or lost when trying to support your child holistically, please know that you are not alone!  

Below are some good reminders, tips, tools and resources to help support you and your child as he/she grows.

Support Your Child By Building Family Connections:
  1. Maintain Family Rituals and Share Meals Together
    -Family rituals like meals, cultural festivals, activities, and kisses, winks or handshakes give you and your children a sense of security, identity and belonging. 
  2. Spend Quality Time Together
    1. Choose one day a week where you do something special with your child/children. (Could be as simple as playing LEGOS for 30 minutes together)
    2. Choose an activity that your child enjoys.
    3. Put it on the family calendar.
    4. Put the devices away and listen and engage with your child.
  3. Actively Listen to Your Child
    1. Actively listen to what your child is saying as well as his/her non-verbal cues 
    2. Modeling good listening skills sets an example for your child to be a good listener as well. 
Parent Resources, Tips and Advice: