LEAD PosterThe Woodbury staff believes that all children, with proper guidance and reinforcement, can behave appropriately at school. Thus, we have implemented a few simple school rules and a plan to teach character development with intentionality. These rules and character education plan are based on several beliefs we have regarding discipline and character development.

We believe that character development is as equally important as intellectual development and that all students perform best in school and our community when values are taught and expected.

We believe that discipline is an act of love. We understand that in order to be happy, productive people, children need to learn to respect others, interact appropriately, and develop personal responsibility.

We believe that the primary responsibility for teaching children strong character and positive behavior lies with the parent. It is the school’s responsibility to reinforce those positive traits and behaviors that you, the parent, have worked so diligently to teach.

We believe that all students, when given proper guidance and reinforcement, can and will behave appropriately. We believe that most behavior results in a positive or negative consequence. It is with this in mind that we have formulated a few basic rules to assist us in providing students with a safe, orderly, and respectful environment.

In response to the beliefs outlined above, the following values are imbedded into our school curriculum and taught and reinforced by all staff.


Compassion Demonstrates sensitivity and a decent measure of caring and concern for fellow human beings; exhibits generosity and love.
Cooperation Interacts with others in a mutually beneficial way; seeks thoughtful and peaceful ways of resolving conflict.
Initiative Take action, lead, begin or follow through with a plan or task. Accept responsibility for the foreseeable consequences of one's actions, reactions, choices, and goals.
Integrity Conducts human interactions in a fair and straightforward manner; tells the truth; does not cheat, steal, or intentionally mislead; behaves in a manner consistent with one's professed values and ideals.
Perseverance Continues the pursuit of goals in the face of adversity; demonstrates a willingness to work.
Positive Mental Attitude Chooses to be positive and control reactions even when facing adversity and challenges. Demonstrates a willingness to act positively on a moral value even in the face of potential personal loss; a willingness to take calculated risks to achieve a positive result.
Respect Holds one's self, each other person, and the environment in high regard; acknowledges the inherent value in each human being and each living thing; honors the rights of others to be autonomous and to be treated with dignity.


We teach these values through a school-wide behavior program called LEAD. Instead of focusing students on a list of school rules that tell students what not to do, LEAD focuses and teaches students what to do and how to behave. LEAD is based on our core values of compassion, cooperation, initiative, integrity, perseverance, positive mental attitude, and respect.

Thus, the following serves as our Woodbury rules:


ive our values

xhibit respect

ct safely

o your best!